Sunday, April 5, 2015

20 Thoughts I've Had After Riding My Bike To Osmena Peak

I rode my bike with my best friend from Cebu City to Osmena Peak and back. Then I came up with some thoughts for some reasons.

These may (or may not) be true. Just kidding. I think they're all true.

1. People who bring selfie stick to camp are posers.

2. Drivers hate cyclists because cyclists never get stuck in traffic.

3. Training for competition hurts. A lot.

4. Reggae music and Jack Johnson make everything better.

5. Eat before you're hungry. I've never bonked yesterday because I ate before I got hungry and drank before I got thirsty.

6. Beer is a legitimate recovery drink.

7. TT bikes are not car accessories.

8. Don't go on a long ride if you have work the following day. There are certain things that even a venti cup of cappuccino can't fix.

9. I'm so not over the TV Series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Daria, and Emily Owens.

10. Chyrel Gomez can beat me on flat road any day.

11. I'm such an efficient climber. I may not be a fast climber but somehow I never found myself hitting the wall on climbs.

12. I've won most of my races because of uphill climbs and technical descent. I'm not much good at anything else.

13. You'll meet troll cyclists. Lots of them. Signs that a cyclist is a troll:

  • he won't let you overtake. when you overtake him, he'll go right in front of you again only to fall back because he can't keep up with your pace. 
  • his torso moves a lot when he's pedaling 
  • he's dressed up like he's joining a UCI race 
  • he talks all the time how fast he is and how far he rides 
  • he always asks how light your bike is and how much it costs 
  • this list could go on but i don't have all day 

14. Cyclists used to be friendly to each other.

15. People who talk a lot don't have game.

16. People from Dalaguete are so awesome. I fell in love with the place the first time I visited it 14 years ago. I'm still in love with it. It's my favorite town in Cebu.

17. You don't need to change a lot of things to be happy. Just got to shift your focus.

18. Fish are friends! And trees, too!

19. I don't get the #summer2015 hash tag. I live in a tropical country and I couldn't tell when it's summer and when it isn't.

20. Life sucks every now and then. Just hang in there.

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