Monday, March 27, 2017

Rock Climbing Mansorela - Outtakes and Lessons Learned

Two weekends ago, the mean boys and mean girls of Cebu Rock Climbing Community revisited Mansorela for a one-night rock trip. The short trip was an experience of a lifetime.

As someone who is some kind of a teacher, I have a keen interest in learning. After all, a teacher is just a learner who enjoys helping others learn. Here are some lessons I learned from the trip.

Climbing involves a lot of walking.

Salsa lessons are useful.

From a certain height, people can look so tiny.

Between gossips and climbing, you can spend time bouldering.

Helmets keep zombies from eating your brain and tiny rocks from splitting the scalp wide open.

It's possible to feel infinite and tiny at the same time.

Some people work hard to make us look good. These people don't get to have many photos of themselves.

People who know how to cook are important people.

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