Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bang bang bagity bang: Year Ender on New Year’s Eve

I am ending the year thinking that I’m a lolcat (which drew outrage from everybody, animal rights activists included). This year is a special year for me. I launched this blog on April and weeks later, the Boss…well, I don’t know how to put it but the previous posts should tell you what happened.

It’s also a bit of a sad year for me. Two of my boyz left to work abroad, presumably as engineers. Who knows, they could be working as whores there.

 The fourth quarter of last year has been really tough. I suffered one crash after another. I don’t know what went wrong that time. I just kept falling off my bike. I nearly broke my knee cap once and another time, I almost lost my left eye. “Almost” is really a lucky word. I rode more this year, rode harder. Discovered several trails and I am happy that I suffered no serious crash this year. Even the not serious ones are not even newsworthy. If I ever run out of luck next year, you are cordially invited to my funeral.

For the first time, I went beyond Metro Manila. The Manila-Baguio-Sagada-Vigan-Bangui trip will certainly be an exception to amnesia—for the destination as well as the length of the bus rides.

Siquijor is a paradise but not the attitude of the people towards tourists. Nonetheless, I will still say you ought to stay two days in the island before you die. The place is not creepy at all, PS. Camotes is where I jumped on and off the dive board. Except for the bike ride, I was all touristy in the place. The Boss and I really had a comfy accommodation at Mangodlong and we spent all the money we can on food. “Call me irresponsible.”

 Most of the travels we had (and by myself alone) are poorly researched. We relied on hunches, maps, and the kindness of other people. In Osmena Peak, I remember pointing to one direction then finding out later that Kawasan is on the other side. Lol me. It was great having Jonas and “James” with us.

I am writing from memory because I love the feel of these keyboards and I am too lazy to hit “alt + tab.” I met really great people this year. The bike friends have been around as always. I don’t want to make a wish list. Things have been happening to me and they are more than I could wish for. My last travel destination this year is that road trip to Aloguinsan with the Boss. In that town I met some of the nicest people I've met in my life.

I don’t write about the bad stuff in my blog. I think we have enough number of news channels to take care of that. But I’d like to send out my heart to people in Iligan and Cagayan who have been hit by the huge flood; and especially to people in a remote barangay in Bukidnon. The two bridges that serve as the lifeline of the barangay have been washed off. I watched that on ABC 5 News. My heart goes out to the flood victims of my hometown Bukidnon. May we make the best we can out of this new year.

I raced yesterday in Liloan. It was really frustrating. Two idiots kept blocking my way. At first I thought they were just idiots who did not know what they were doing. But later on I noticed that they were intentionally blocking my way. Those two morons. Nonetheless, I finished sixth. I was hoping for number 5. I was counting the guys that I could not beat and there were only four of them. 5th would have sounded better.

Photos courtesy of the Boss.

Chatting at the starting line. When you can't walk, you do the talk. nyahaha

Hell breaking loose. Too bad I was at the end.

With Kulas. He had a tough time with the bald tire but he still finished one lap ahead of me. Yes, LAP.

Lolcat in da haus.

I was 11th at the first lap. Had my break when the screeners died down.

I don't even want to think about this week's laundry.

Ang but-an na Kuya. nyahaha. He is here on Christmas vacation. He'll be back in Bukidnon soon.

Yes, 6th is a loser. I'm a happy loser, at least.

Had a lot work with my hair that day.


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