Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Le Mon

I’ve been away from my computer the most of this month. Last week I went to Malapascua with my friends and I was gonna write about how dirty and inners of the island is. Also was gonna say that no part of my expectation told me that the beach would be splayed with sharp pebbles and the sea would be still shallow even if you are several meters far out.

But then again, compared to where I spend most days of the month, the place is a paradise. I just wish they do something about the drainage system in the inner barangay. But then again, I could not speak for the whole island. We only covered the southern part of it. I’m curious what it’s like up north. It’s a good reason to go back up there.

I didn’t do my usual research when I went up the island because I was with friends and I planned to spend the time sleeping (I didn’t want to do all that exploring and stuff). I did get some good sleep. I even took an afternoon nap by the seaside, under the shade of course. I’m not European enough to want to spend the whole afternoon bathing in the sun.

Malapascua is located nearly 8 kilometers north of Maya, a barangay in Daanbantayan, Cebu which is also the final stop for Ceres and Rough Rider buses. You’ll never miss the jumpoff point. 24 kilometers to the east is San Isidro, Leyte and some 22 kilometers of blue to the west is Batbatan Island (I’m not sure what exactly is in the Island. I’m trying to do some research but my Smart Bro connection keeps failing me. It’s more primitive than the dial-up I had back in highschool. At least that one was consistent). Check out this grab from Google Maps

The fare from north bus terminal is 170pesos, Maya to Malapascua’s southside is 80pesos per person, 1,200 if you’re taking the whole bangka to your group. Food is difficult to find in the island. If there are, it’s not that good or if it is good, it comes with a good price (which is natural because it is an island).

I’m supposed to do some philosophizing to make this blog entry more interesting. But then again, who wants to figure life out when you’ve got a long stretch of white sand beach all to yourself.

When life gives you lemons, make Mojitos shots out of it.


Chyrel Gomez said...

Take me there, will you? =)

CWW said...

Aren't you glad this island being a very popular diving spot for Europeans has managed to preserve its simple community life and has not turned as commercial and as hedonistic as Boracay?

Lakbay Diva said...

lol, sorry about the wrong expectations. lami pod i beach bum diri sa?

Kikit said...

Kuyog ko, Chy!!!

Bal Marsius said...

@Mark: sure am glad
@Lakbay: lami maghubog kay whitesand ra ang ligiran
@Kikit: go na tayo jan

Bal Marsius