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How to get to Cantabaco, Toledo where you can wear your callus out from rock climbing

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This is the post where I would try to be very helpful so you guys will all know how to get to Cantabaco, Toledo. I posted a lot of map images too from Google Maps. As my college literature instructor would always say, showing is always better than telling. You have two options, side from buying your own car and driving straight right there to where it says on the map.

cantabaco toledo route
Going to Cantabaco, Toledo through Manipis, Talisay

Van or bus (van bus sounds creepingly familiar). I prefer to take the van because the drivers are less reckless. You can take the van from CitiLink Terminal right across Cebu Technological University. Look at the map, the whole City Link is right there where there is a green arrow.

Location of City Link Terminal
If you wanna find your way around it much easier, just copy this 10°17'48.81"N 123°53'27.31"E and put it on your Google Map app. By the way, I need to emphasize that all images here are from Google Maps, that’s why it says Google at the top right. The fare is 70 pesos, the van passes through Manipis highway where there are really deep ravines on the side.

Don’t worry, it’s very safe, it’s only scary to newbie commuters. The whole trip is about 28kms, usually about an hour’s length. Intimacy with people you don’t know is part of the package, because they will try to squeeze in all the human beings they can because leaving. When there is heavy rain though, vans divert through the much longer Naga-Uling road.

Cantabaco through Naga-Uling Road 
The Naga-Uling road is where the buses going to Toledo pass through. That’s our second and less preferable option. It’s very humid and hot at the South Bus Terminal where they park their buses and they always have these “dispatchers” bugging you.

There would be about 20 people asking you where you’re going before you can get to where the buses are parked. Check out this map, the buses are parked near the Land Transportation office. It’s opposite the park lots for Ceres buses. Take a look:

south bus terminal cebu
The Toledo buses are near the Land Transpo office
Any of those rusty, on-the-verge-of-decay buses that have the Toledo, Toledo-Balamban route will do. As long as it says Toledo you’re fine! Just tell your good old friend Mr. Driver or Mr. Conductor to drop you off at Lutopan.

You probably won’t miss it because a lot of people get off the Lutopan Junction. If you miss your stop it wouldn’t be my fault because I wasn’t there. The fare is 40 pesos. The guys are mostly nice so they won’t charge you extra even if you look touristy. There are motorbikes from the Lutopan junction, it’s a 10-peso fare from there to Cantabaco.

Just tell them you want to go to Cantabaco. I like motorbike drivers in the Cantabaco-Lutopan area because they are not as stupid as our drivers in Liloan. They are, in fact, very good drivers and they always ride at reasonable speed.

I personally don’t have climbing gears so always ask for help from our local friends Enie and Willard. They are really cool guys to hang out with and they can tolerate my constant whining. They both know the climbing routes by heart. I haven’t asked them yet if I can post their contact numbers but I will later. I was there yesterday and yeah I got a lot of cool photos.

Fare is subject to change with gas prices. If it does blame the gas people!

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