Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm the King of Chills -- Mountain Biking around Alegria, Cebu

I'm supposed to be cramming now that the 4th Leg of the Enduro Pilipinas is just a little way down the road. Work has got in the way of my planned training--I really should be jobless and be a full-time burden to our crumbling economy. But I chose to have a job. And when you have a job that starts when everyone else should be sleeping, you can't do a whole lot of riding.

I already got my plate full at work so I might as well just chill around and do nothing. Well, I can't totally do nothing so I brought my bicycle with me. I am currently camped at Sun Xi Mountain Resort and making the most of their wi-fi connection.

I am at 2,200ft above sea level, lots fog around me, and I got internet connection. If you have forgotten how good life is, you really should do this. Suicide is always an option but the best way to go about life is find great joys in small things and just go about your merry way.

Anyway, for those who are looking for me, I am in Lepanto, Alegria, Cebu. Just about a couple hundred meters from the town center is a bridge with steel frame. The road that leads to Lepanto has a gas station at the intersection so you can't miss is. Just remember, gas station before the bridge.

I don't have my usual mapping and photo editing tools so I'll come up with a better map later. By the way, I have the recently converted to Open Street Map because it tells you a whole lot more.

In Lepanto, there's a whole bunch of concrete and dirt roads that lead to just about anywhere in the far south of Cebu. Alcoy, Malabuyoc, Badian, and Dalaguete are all networked by this road. I am not even half-way yet in checking out all paths in the area but I'm already having so much fun and panting. The air can be pretty thin but you lose a whole lot of humidity--which is why Lepanto feels cool even during mid-day.

Lumpan Lake is one of the first routes I have done. There is a dirt track that cut through some marshes and around a couple of hills and finally to Lumpan Lake. Going down to the trail head you'll get an ineffably beautiful view of Tanon Strait--the descent plunges so abruptly that you feel that you can just jump straight into the sea. Well, you can't obviously unless you're the kind who gets a headache when exposed to kryptonite.

I found a friend in the form of a cow. It is a cow, actually. We barely talked but we enjoyed staring at Tanon Strait and the far far away Negros Island. We didn't share the same meal though. I am grass intolerant. Thanks a lot cow for the company. Just remember, Mr. Cow, to stick to the grass that's legal.

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