Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bukidnon at Random

I do a lot of things that isn't good for my health. One of them is drinking too much soda and too much coffee. By too much, I mean soda at least each meal and snack time and coffee every chance I get. The only good bad thing that I do is drinking coffee, because it has helped me discover some great flavors from all over the country. I didn't know up until recenlty that coffee from different places can taste different.

Take the arabica robusta, for example, that is planted by the Transfiguration Monks of San Jose, Malaybalay, Bukidnon. I was there several weeks ago to buy some of their coffee. It has great natural taste but it isn't too strong. Then there's this coffee my father got from Batangas. It smells strong, tastes strong, and hits strong. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and get some Davao coffee.

I usually post a bunch of photos and put some text that is completely irrelevant to them. Today I'm trying to change that a bit by actually discussing the pictures that I have posted.

This guy is Dhruv, I discovered his climbing gym by accident. I was on my way home from Overview, Quezon when I spotted his gym. Went out to climb there. I wasn't able to go back before I left because my forearms were swollen for four days. I haven't been climbing for nearly three months now.

I forgot what this place is called but it's somewhere in Valencia City.

I would have riddent this mud pool but I soon found out that it was more than a foot deep. I wasn't in the mood to wash my bike so I walked over the log.

Just a random photo of me being a poser.

Getting bonked because of the heat.

A view of Musuan Peak at the Dologon-Busco Road.

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