Saturday, February 18, 2012

he is not a film star

for nearly a year now, i have been posting mountain bike trips on my blog. it's the usual photo-and-text blog, with just one video posted in its 10-month existence. but words and images have an inherent limitation: they cannot convey motion. photos are great for freezing fragments of seconds but what happens before and after is left to the imagination of the reade--something that would not work if you want to share what cycling is about.

mountain biking, like love, is a poorly understood sport. before i turn 23 this march, i want to do a trip that will sum up what it means to be a mountain biker. it is not about being hardcore or having Wolverinish quads. why do i want to do this? because this sport is a big part of myself. and a big part of myself will forever be misunderstood if i do not try. i want people to understand why i go out on my bike way before light and come home way after dark. this afternoon, i've tried putting my facebook-level filmmaking skills. i want to know how far a point and shoot camera can go in capturing what i do.


 i would like to thank my Boss for giving me these Fox Sidewinder gloves.

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Xan said...

i don't see any caps lo --- oh there it is Fox Sidewinder.

Bal Marsius